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Salvie x superba 'rose queen'

Names for this plant:

  • Scientific/Vitenskapelig Salvie
  • Norway/Norsk Steppesalvie
  • Sort: rose queen
  • Hybrid: superba

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Salvia × superba is a widely grown Salvia hybrid. Its origins are unknown, though it first appeared in cultivation, and its parents are believed to include Salvia × sylvestris and Salvia amplexicaulis. Salvia nemorosa has also been suggested as a direct parent or close relative, but with so many similarities between these species and hybrids, there is no conclusive evidence. It is often mistakenly called Salvia superba.

Salvia × superba grows about 1 m (3.3 ft) tall, with flowers ranging from violet-blue to pale pink. The flowers grow in whorls that are a bit more separated than in their parents.


‘Rose Queen’ is a long-blooming cultivar with slender spires and mulberry-rose flowers, which open from dark pink buds in early and mid-summer.